About La Memoria Errante

The Wandering Memory

After our experience in podcasts and after several months of planning, we decided to modify our original project and create a digital magazine focused on the humanities, arts, social sciences and culture in general.

The LME team is made up of students and graduates of the humanities and social sciences, with the BA in History being the predominant one. The team's focus is to share our knowledge, as well as to encourage reading and writing. We believe that getting closer to culture can change our lives, as it broadens our horizon and, in turn, makes us critical of the present.

We started the magazine as two people, now we are 13 people who make up the magazine (we hope our family will grow more soon), to that number we must add the collaborators who participate with us in each issue, either in interviews or at events , allowing us to review your work or by sending texts. And of course there is our beautiful audience, who have shown us a lot of support and there are those who follow us from the beginning.

We are committed to our readers, and for this reason we try to give them content of value and interest, that they manage to be part of their day to day, that says "something" to them; Within our project to encourage reading and writing, we hold contests and raffles where anyone can participate, and with this we have received very interesting texts that make us realize the literary potential that exists in Mexico.


We appreciate your support and interest in our content,

Sincerely, the LME team